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After 20 years of pharmaceutical experience, Angelo Gatto wanted to address health and wellbeing from a natural source.

The use of food supplements is nowadays well established, but there is no fun to take daily intake of tablets and capsules thought the best was to bring the same enhancement on the food directly.

The first idea was to create a functional beer

A cooperation with the university of Florence was established to search which X-ingredients to use to generate the first Y-beer, and immediately it appeared how the content of alcohol was a hurdle to overcome. 

Two years were spent to understand the best way to produce a beer with lo alcohol content.

Fermentation became a topic

Fermentation has involved us since ever

Studying the scientific papers around fermentation is bringing today better knowledge on both the process of fermentation as well as on the health benefits of a fermented ingredient.

That brought a significant refocus on the target of function x, up to the level to decide that the main focus of the current research will be around fermentation.

Fermentation became the function to bring functional products

The first two years were spent in trials, mostly focusing on the intention to understand which were the most interesting

We are capturing and combining the trends in the area of:

Lo/No Alcohol




Progetto functionAle – food & drink funzionale

Obiettivo: Sviluppo di Bevande analcoliche funzionali e barrette funzionali, per unire il piacere di una buona birra ed uno snack ai benefici di un alimento funzionale*.

*Diplock et al., 1999, British Journal of Nutrition, Alimento può essere considerato funzionale se ha influenza benefica su una o più funzioni del corpo, oltre ad effetti nutrizionali adeguati, tanto da risultare rilevante per uno stato di benessere e di salute o per la riduzione del rischio di una malattia. 

Progetto di FUNCTIONX SRL in collaborazione con Laboratorio PHYTOLAB (Università degli studi Firenze).

FUNCTIONX è una start up innovativa finalizzata a ricerca, sviluppo e commercializzazione di high-tech food & beverage caratterizzati da proprietà funzionali.

Progetto finanziato (€ 30.000,00) da
FESR Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale

Programma Operativo regionale del Lazio
Programmazione 2014-2020
Protocollo A0122-2019-31468 del 28/10/2019 – codice CUP F24E20000070006

Meet the team

Angelo Gatto | Founder

Currently focusing on the identification of products and participating to product development together with the selected partners

Debora Grillo| Marketing specialist

Marketing strategy and product launch

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